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5:40pm on March 31st, 2013

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      woah jordan i didn’t know you came to the cassette house! me tony and mel’s band played our first show that night in our...
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    The Cassette House, Melbourne, Florida. This was from We Were Skeletons first tour to Florida. We met up with the Caution Children & their bass player lived here with the kids from his old band. Bob & the rest of Caution Children ended up becoming really good friends. There was musical equipment & amps everywhere, beer cans & porn videos & magazines covered most of everything. The next day Bob took us to get burritos & everyone watched as I went in the ocean. It was January 2nd or 3rd & the water was really cold. I never got to return to this house & about a year later they all moved out. It was a really amazing thing & so many awesome bands went thru here.